Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Olly Olly Oxen Free

Let's bring 'em home guys. We lost impetus once the delays started, and then life got in the way... I was trying to set up a coordinated homecoming for all the little molys. It's clearly not to be. Patrick, I'll send you yours. Zenia, you have mine, so you can finish it off and hand it over soonish. Carla needs Lorraine's address (computer problems) to send Lorraine's and Zenia's on.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


any news of our project? Where is yours and where is mine?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Joker - on Lorraine's book

Last night I finished Lorraine's book. Her topic was about "other worlds, fantasy, alter-egos...." The drawing I did was on my mind since the day I read her post about the topic. This has a lot to do with Tarot and two books I like: A book of fireside poems, Solitaire mystery. Here's my own encounter of Joker:
He waived his hands and murmured "shooo", all of a sudden dozens of flies flew away from the back of my head. My vision changed, my mind cleared, my senses heightened. I began to hear a poem sung to me within. "Once I planted some potatoes in my garden fair and bright; Unelated long I waited, and no sprout appeared in sight. But my "peachblows" in the cellar, on the cold and grimy flag, all serenely sprouted greenly in an ancient paper bag". Then my Joker friend laughed a thunder-like laughter and began to sing. "When I think on the happy days I spent wi' you, my dearie; and now what lands between us lie, how can I be but errie. How slow ye move, ye heavy hours, as ye were wae and weary! It was na sae ye glinted by when I was wi' my dearie." I blinked and he was back to my beloved deck of cards in no time. I had no idea these two poems/songs would one day became the love stories of my life. My Joker friend had just showed me a movie running backward......

I had a great time with Moly_x_10 group members!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The most delayed entry from Patrick

Dear All, My apology to a serious delay, hope you'll like my entries.
Carla: I'm sending you Zenia's book and yours together.
Lorraine: I'm finishing yours this week and then ship to Carla.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

‘What’s in your Moleskine’ Contest Deadline 11/14

Promote yourself and moly_x. Enter your fabulous moly_x entries.

Moleskine, the heir to the legendary notebook, wants to know what’s inside your Moleskine! With over 140 different formats and styles, there are many different ways to use a Moleskine—to sketch, write, watercolor, reflect, collage, collect mementos and as photo albums.

In celebration of creativity and imagination, Moleskine is looking for readers to share photos and comments about their Moleskines. Email pictures of what’s in your Moleskine to webmaster@chroniclebooks.com with the subject line “MOLESKINE.”

Five submissions will be randomly selected to receive a Free Moleskine Pack of Notebooks. The pack will include a Pocket Ruled Notebook, a Pocket Sketchbook and a Pack of Plain Kraft Pocket Cahiers.

We’ll post the images on an upcoming post announcing the winners! Also check out our Facebook Company Page to see the latest entries. Entries must be submitted by Friday Nov 14th.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Doodley, doodley do!

Had so much fun with this. Just kind of doodled away.


My entry for Patrick. I've FINALLY completed my entry in Patrick's book. I had an idea... thought it all through... even went as far as to think "I should write this down," and then thought "nah it's fine, I've given it this much thought, I won't forget..." only to promptly forget! Still have no idea what that idea was, but I'm happy with this as my contribution to Patrick's book. Looking forward to getting mine back now!