Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Doodles for Carla

Doodles for Carla, originally uploaded by Kel_eh.

I had so much fun with this! It was actually very therapeutic for me and I had a bit of a break through about my mixed feelings about 2008 so far. I never ever use a ballpoint (yep, I'm allergic) so it was very good for me to get over myself and grab the closest.

Alter Ego for Lorraine

Alter Ego for Lorraine, originally uploaded by Kel_eh.

Bad, bad, procrastinating girl! This is very late on it's way to Patrick.

I had this all worked out in my mind, then I realised I was just reworking Lorraine's own entry in her own book - not cool. Then I had a really cool superhero idea, but with no story or depth to it. After some fooling around drawing the mannequin this idea started to develop and just really tickled me.

It's drawn with a black uniball signo, always my pen of choice. I love the way it starts behind Zenia's entry and finishes with a torn edge, like some grubby newspaper cartoon discarded in the street.