Monday, March 10, 2008

You're in good company

I've known Zenia the longest and she is my regular art buddy. We are always up for trying new things (this year so far we have art journalled, made felt and beaded together), and she has recently started visual journalling. She has a unique eye and a great sense of colour.

I met Lorraine almost exactly a year ago. I love her sense of humour and envy her eye for beads (and her secret knowledge of all the best bead shops). I loved her work in a Buffy collaborative journal and her ideas for demotivational scrapbooking crack me up.

I met Carla at Artfest last year. She was teaching a class I was in about finding your creative voice. She is just such a warm, humble, funny person and I was drawn to her immediately. Her 'girls' series is wonderful, but her animals just make me so happy.

I know Trista through Artfest, but I only really got to know her at the Lomo Conference in London in September. I felt more myself talking to her than with most people I met. I love her photos and she has one of the coolest art journals I have ever seen.

I met Patrick at the Lomo Conference in London in September. We had such a great conversation about life, work, marriage, families and moleskines too of course. His blog is beautiful, no one quite captures their surroundings like he does, entertaining and informative in all things stationary. His drawings are amazing too.

There you go, that's why you are all here. I know lots of creative people, but you all have a unique eye that appeals to me and a sense of humour that is my kind of weird.

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