Monday, April 28, 2008

Some goodbyes and a hello!

My first goodbye is to Trista. Sadly she has decided to leave the group and I am sure you all join me in wishing her well. I also want her to know she can jump back in at any time - at least a few of us may get our sketchbooks around the circle twice.

I had to said goodbye to my Moly - I packed it up with a warm sweater and a sandwich for the journey, kissed it fondly, told it not to get in strange cars, and most of all to have fun and write home often.

Here is my entry:

My theme is 'the view from here' but I am hoping that people will interpret that loosely: from this mornings coffee cup, to the view from their favourite spot, details of their city, or even their view of the world or the future.

I would like you to play by the following rules:
1. work in black/white/grey - I don't mind if it is pencil, pen, ink paint, crayon whatever.
2. start your work on the last page of the previous entry (Eg. my page of clouds for Patrick) and leave some space on your last page for the next artist.
3. *optional challenge* please include a tree or part of a tree (leaf, acorn, etc) somewhere in your work. The tree is a personal symbol for me, and I would love to see your take on this.

Have fun! I can't wait to see some more entries. I got to say hello to Zenia's and I can't wait to start on it, it is even more cool looking in real life.

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Patrick Ng said...

Hey Kelly, got it from my mailbox today! Working on it, as well as mine :)