Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Molys on the move - update

Whose Moly?
Where's Moly?Who's next
is travelling...
to Carla
is Carla
is simmering at Kelly's...
for Patrick
is going to dinner tonight...
at Zenia's
is Lorraine's

At the moment, our circle has a gap and a bump in it. We can try and smooth it out over the next month like this:
(we all have busy lives though and we are doing this for fun, so I don't want anyone to feel stressed about deadlines; just keep in touch with the group so we know where all the books are and how everyone is doing)

In May,
Patrick will receive Zenia's and work on it until the 15 June mailing.
Kelly has a gap.
Zenia will receive Lorraine's and either pass it on early to Kelly to close the gap, or work on it until the 15 June mailing.
Lorraine will receive Carla's and work on it until the 15 June mailing.
Carla will receive Patrick's and Kelly's. That's the bump. Feel free to tuck one away to worry about later, if having two feels like pressure. If you get inspired, feel free to send to Lorraine early to smooth out the bump or work on it until the 15 June mailing.

It's so exciting now that they're well and truly on their way. Great to see everyone posting and commenting on here too.


Carla Sonheim said...

I'll work on Patrick's as soon as I get the package and send to Lorraine as soon as possible!

Zenia said...

Working THAT out must have made your head hurt. Good job Kel... will have Lorraine's Moly ready for you whe you get back from China.